The Supplements That Can Help You Get Your Digestion Back on Track

Digestion issues can really affect your lifestyle. I’m talking gas, constipation, bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, etc.—if you’re dealing with it every day or pretty regularly, it can be tough and you might even find that it disrupts your day-to-day life. Digestive issues, of course, depend on the specific person since everyone’s bodies are different. But there are some things you can try to get your digestion and gut health back on track.

Changing up your diet can be your first step. According to The Cleveland Clinic, upping your daily servings of fruits and vegetables to five to seven can help because it’s promoting a high-fiber diet. Saying yes to whole grains and limiting beef, pork, lamb, and processed meats can help, too. And also being mindful of your consumption of added sugars and animal fats will benefit your gastrointestinal tract. Just knowing which foods may disrupt your digestion is important, too, so you can avoid anything that might cause an upset stomach.

In addition to your diet, you can make some lifestyle changes, too. Harvard Health says not smoking, exercising several times a week (or every day), and reducing stress can help you manage your GI health.

Sometimes you might go the supplement route to improve your digestion and gut health. Many of these are packed with ingredients that are known to be good for digestive health, like probiotics, magnesium, digestive enzymes, and herbs, like ginger. If you do decide to try a supplement, make sure to check with your doctor first to see what their recommendations are, and if any of these digestion helpers would mess with any other medications you’re taking.

Take a look at our picks for the best digestive supplements below.

1. Hum Nutrition Flatter Me

Hum Nutrition Flatter Me ($26)

Hum Nutrition’s supplement contains 18 full-spectrum enzymes that work to break down protein, carbs, fiber, lactose, and fats. There’s also ginger and peppermint leaf to support digestion, plus fennel seed to soothe any digestive issues (like bloating) and support nutrient absorption.

2. The Nue Co. Prebiotic + Probiotic

The Nue Co. Prebiotic + Probiotic ($55)

Probiotics are the “good” bacteria you want in your gut. This one was specifically formulated to target symptoms of IBS and long-term digestive issues. It also contains prebiotics, which act as “food” or “fuel” for the probiotics.

3. Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes

Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Ultra ($55)

The vegetarian enzymes in this supplement promote optimal nutrient absorption while also breaking down protein, carbs, fat, fiber, and dairy. The formula is free of GMOs, soy, and dairy.

4. Sakara Life Metabolism Super Powder

Sakara Life Metabolism Super Powder ($45)

Sakara Life’s powder improves your metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar, eliminates bloat, and decreases puffiness. It’s a favorite with THE/THIRTY editors—senior beauty editor Erin Jahns wrote, “In addition to the amazing taste (superfoods like cacao, coconut milk, and a little bit of coconut sugar make anything you add it to taste like a gloriously less saccharine chocolate milkshake), I most notably experienced improvements with my digestion, energy levels, and bloat. Considering that some of the ingredients (celery seed in particular) are natural diuretics, it’s no surprise that this powder kept me, um VERY regular.”

5. Gaia Herbs Gas & Bloating

Gaia Herbs Gas & Bloating ($18)

For an herbal option, you can try these capsules that contain plant-derived activated charcoal and fennel seed, which promote the absorption and elimination of gas. It also includes a blend of herbs and essential oils which work to improve digestive function and provide natural relief to the intestine.

6. Love Wellness Bye, Bye Bloat

Love Wellness Bye, Bye Bloat ($25)

If you’re dealing with bloating and gas, Love Wellness’s Bye, Bye Bloat can provide some relief. The formulation consists of digestive enzymes, organic fenugreek (which prevents constipation), and organic diuretic (a natural laxative).

7. Now Super Enzymes

Now Super Enzymes ($20)

Now’s Super Enzymes is made with a blend of enzymes that support a healthy digestion—some include bromelain, ox bile, pancreatin, and papain. One reviewer wrote, “This product has worked wonders so far. I started taking these because I was bloated all the time and gained a little weight and had severe stomachaches after eating. Within one week, I lost all bloatedness, no stomachaches, and I lost 5lbs. We will see if it still continues. I would recommend this product!”

8. Nature’s Way Ginger Root

Nature’s Way Ginger Root ($19)

Ginger has been used as an herbal remedy for digestive support for centuries. Each serving of these supplements contains 1.1g of ginger, and the formula is gluten-free and vegetarian.

9. Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic

Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic ($50)

Seed’s Daily Synbiotic contains 24 strains to support systemic health. That means it benefits digestive health, gut barrier integrity, gut immune function, cardiovascular health, dermatological health, and micronutrient synthesis.

10. Sun Potion Triphala Digestion Tonic Powder

Sun Potion Triphala Digestion Tonic Powder ($43)

Triphala is described as a “renowned food of Vedic tradition” and it’s a blend of amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki fruit, which are sources of vitamin C and antioxidants. The powder works to gently cleanse your digestive system and support regularity.

11. Moon Juice Magnesi-Om

Moon Juice Magnesi-Om ($42)

Not only does this powder supplement support regular bowel movement and alleviates mild bloating, but it also promotes relaxation and supports brain health. In addition to magnesium, the formula includes L-theanine.

12. Garden Of Life Raw Enzymes

Garden of Life Raw Enzymes ($35)

With 22 digestive enzymes, probiotics, and other nutrients, these supplements will help your body process foods that are difficult to digest (like dairy, grains, sugars, beans, and broccoli). The recommended daily dosage is one capsule three times a day with meals.

13. The Beauty Chef Cleanse Inner Beauty Support Supercharged

The Beauty Chef Cleanse Inner Beauty Support Supercharged ($65)

The Beauty Chef’s Cleanse powder is formulated to realign and support your natural cleansing processes. Ingredients include fiber from banana starch and Jerusalem artichoke, choline to benefit liver function and metabolism; and enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics for gut health.

14. Pure Encapsulations DGL Plus

Pure Encapsulations DGL Plus ($23)

This supplement uses deglycyrrhizinated licorice and herbal extracts to support the GI tract. It also provides immune support as it stimulates the mass, quality, and production of mucous, which is a major component of the stomach’s protective lining.

15. Physician’s Choice 60 Billion Probiotic

Physician’s Choice 60 Billion Probiotic ($20)

With this supplement, you get 10 strains of probiotics, plus an organic prebiotic fiber blend to improve your gut. The pills are delayed-release and acid-resistant, so they’re optimized for better absorption.

16. Hum Nutrition Gut Instinct

Hum Nutrition Gut Instinct ($26)

Another probiotic option, Hum Nutrition’s Gut Instinct contains 10 acid-resistant strains to boost immunity and good bacteria, while also supporting healthy digestion.

17. Moon Juice Probiotics

Moon Juice Probiotics ($38)

These probiotics are formulated to improve nutrient absorption, aid digestion, boost immunity, curb sugar cravings, elevate mood and energy, and support healthy skin. It contains four strains.

18. Zenwise Health Digestive Enzymes

Zenwise Health Digestive Enzymes ($25)

In addition to digestive enzymes, you also get prebiotics and probiotics with these supplements. They’re designed to support digestion and relieve gas, bloating, and constipation. Other ingredients include turmeric, ginger, green papaya, and fennel.

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