Protect your spa’s essential oils

The spa business is a delicate and subtle endeavor. When a person visits a spa, they are seeking to disconnect from the stresses of their daily lives and to be pampered. To ensure that the essential oils used in spa treatments maintain their qualities, it is recommended to use dropper bottles made of violet glass. These bottles, which often have a shiny black appearance, are in fact purple and are becoming a popular trend in the cosmetics and skincare industry. Essential oils can be damaged by exposure to light, which is why many in the cosmetics industry prefer to buy cosmetic jars wholesale made of violet glass to protect the oils and keep their properties intact for a longer period. For example, if a customer favors the scent of spring flowers, maintaining that scent during every visit can be achieved by using violet glass bottles.

A technology discovered in ancient Egypt

Violet-colored glass containers have been discovered in ancient Egypt, where they were used to store oils for ceremonies and rituals. Thanks to modern technology, bottles can now be designed to offer the same benefits to spa clients. The glossy black appearance of these bottles adds a touch of professionalism to any shelf. Displaying essential oils in these violet bottles in a spa can convey to clients that the highest quality oils are being offered. If the business expands, creating a brand of essential oils that can be sold worldwide is also an option. Many large cosmetic companies are already using violet glass in their packaging, so joining this trend can potentially increase sales. A bonus point for this type of packaging is that the violet color looks like a shiny black when the container is full. This gives a VIP touch to the products.

More natural products

Many essential oils on the market contain preservatives to prevent deterioration over time, but these preservatives can limit the strength of the aromas released by the oils. Bottles made with violet glass eliminate the need for preservatives, allowing for the use of 100% pure and natural oil with an intense aroma. This will set your spa or essential oil business apart from the competition. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of violet glass bottles available on the market, so it’s worth exploring the options to find the right ones to increase your business sales. Your customers will appreciate the intensity of the essential oils and the quality of the services you provide at your spa.