Olympic Runner Christina Clemons’s Hair and Makeup Seems

The rules of aerodynamics shake in their boots each time Christina Clemons (née Manning) can take the keep track of. While some runners decide for slicked-back again ponytails to lessen any probable nanoscopic friction among the air and their hair, Clemons rocks whichever the hell hairstyle she pleases — place buns, braided crowns, nostalgic components galore — and breezes earlier her competition just as conveniently.

She did just that whilst qualifying for the Olympics in June, crushing the ultimate 100-Meter Hurdle Trials race with numerous stunning barrettes tucked into her hair and kitschy Cool Ranch Doritos earrings dangling from her earlobes. An formal Doritos partnership ensued, and the buzzy instant still left us seeking to know far more about Clemons’s earlier elegance appears, so we acquired in touch with the 1st-time Olympian for the inside scoop.

A 31-year-aged athlete at first hailing from Maryland, Clemons looks to the ’90s for much of her hair and make-up inspiration, typically sporting butterfly clips, fuzzy scrunchies, dim lipstick, and embellished barrettes when sailing more than the end line. “I am a ’90s girl. That was my period of childhood,” she explained to POPSUGAR. “My husband and I usually converse about how we belong to the ’90s. If we were younger older people through that time, I believe we would’ve experienced the time of our lives.” Also, she seeks out new elegance strategies from a supply that’s turn out to be a go-to among fellow millennials. “I are not able to deny that Instagram’s Examine page will help me arrive up with some of my looks,” she stated. “I really like seeing all of the unique beauties on there and their creative imagination.” Yep, that helps make two of us.

“For competitions, I am often enthusiastic and total of self esteem, so I like to clearly show up with bold seems to be.”

Though Clemons’s flawless competition attractiveness appears are executed to perfection, she hardly ever strategies them ahead of time, rather choosing how she’ll fashion her hair and which lipstick shade she’ll swipe on the early morning of each and every race. “Whatever I use depends on what I’m emotion that working day,” the keep track of and field star stated. “For competitions, I’m generally enthusiastic and full of self-confidence, so I like to clearly show up with bold appears to be like. Throughout competitions, I’m in my individual globe and I’m doing my own factor. It won’t matter who won’t like what I have on. When I glimpse in the mirror before I leave for my race, it can be just me. It truly is the identical when I compete — it really is just me and my 10 hurdles.”

For Clemons, the surge of assurance that comes from looking runway-completely ready on the monitor is like an extra “superpower,” she explained. “A large amount of people today may not expect woman athletes to search feminine. I want youthful women and even older gals to sense they can be their female selves even though they participate in sporting activities or exercise. I think it can be essential to present our femininity whilst being athletic simply because it is a toughness, not a weak spot.”

“It’s vital to exhibit our femininity though staying athletic mainly because it is a strength, not a weakness.”

Oh, and any prospective haters who may possibly transpire to disagree or wonder, “But will not that slow her down? Why even bother? What is the point?” can kindly see on their own to the door. “There is totally almost nothing incorrect with coming to the get started line all dolled up,” Clemons said. “I practice like a pet dog. Trust me when I say my hair and makeup can’t choose absent from my performance.” Say it louder for the men and women in the back again.

Though we not-so-patiently wait to see all the enjoyable hair and make-up seems Clemons wears through her races at the Video games in Tokyo, be a part of us in admiring some of her coolest natural beauty times to date forward.